"Murder" by any other name...
So, I am sitting in my living room watching "Law & Order."  (I love that series...)
Anyway... They were charging a young man with attempted murder. It was during
the actual trial sequence that I came to a troubling revelation. This jack ass was
going to get off easy becasue he failed. Had he succeeded, they could have went
for the death penalty. So I asked myself, "What's the difference between murder
and attempted murder?"

Before I begin to rant & rave, allow me to qualify. I am refering only to
premeditated murder. You can not attempt manslaughter. Manslaughter is, by
definition, unitentional homicide.

The other type of murder charge, depraved indifference to human life, is likewise
excluded. One is either indifferent or one is not. You can not attempt

And now back to our previously scheduled rant...

What is the difference between murder and attempt murder? Aside from the
corpse, nothing. The person who "attempts" murder had the same intent as the
person who committed murder. The difference lies in the results of that intent.
Legally, we punish the person who succeeded more than the person who failed.

Should we really show leniency on the grounds of incompetence? If you ask me,
the guy who failed seems like more of a threat than the guy who succeeded. He
has the same mentality as a psychotic killer. He lacks the ability to discern a more
acceptable means of settling his differences. But he is inept, and so we take pity
upon him. And, a few years after sentencing, he'll be up for parole and out on the
streets. What will he "attempt" next? Who will he "attempt" it on? Do we really
want to find out?

The whole idea of parole is a joke anyway. Between parole and getting out for
"good behavior," I often wonder why we even bother. Of course, some poor sap
will whine about people being "reformed" while in prison. Well I have news for
you, prison is not about rehabilitation. I couldn't care less if "Crazy Fred" finally
showered and decided to give it a shot among the humans. Prison is about
punishment. It's a "time out" for people too big to be brought over their father's
knee and given a good spanking. I don't care how bad you feel, and I certainly
don't want to hear you apologize while choking back tears of "remorse." Why
don't you just say what you mean? "SORRY I GOT CAUGHT!"

As far as I am concerned, the difference between attempting and succeeding
should amount to less than shit where the crime of murder is involved. That's just
my opinion... And what the hell do I know anyway.