The art contained here in is original, and was created by me. If by some strange
twist of logic you believe you, or someone else, has a claim to the art shown here,
contact me immediately. Otherwise, I hope that you enjoy these pictures.
You can use them, or share them. But, please, do not alter them. Click on the
thumbnail below to see a version of the picture sized for 800x600 resolution.

This is the Baphomet I created for the rants page.
The skull over the eight rayed "cross of chaos"
was originally done as a symbol for a Shadowrun
character of mine.
This is my latest creation. I needed a new
background for my computer. I couldn't find
anything I liked, so I made one.
This is background I made after reading
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. The words
are the oath swore by the "men of
mind" who used the dollar sign as their