The xtian Myth of Free Will

Xtianity talks an awful lot about "free will." But, if one takes the time to make even a
cursory examination of xtian doctrine, you will plainly see that "free will" is nothing
more than a hoax, a sham perpetrated by a selfish an infantile deity on his "chosen
people" for his own selfish amusement and nothing more. I will explain.

First, in order to be a xtian, one must have some belief in "god." This fact seems only
to evident when you realize that the bible, the entire basis of their belief structure, is
nothing more than an elaborate PR manual for the elusive being known as "god."

By definition, the xtian "god" is both omnipotent and omniscient. It is that last part
that is of particular interest to our current discussion. Omniscient means "all knowing."
That means that "god" knows EVERYTHING. He knew when he created man that
some day we would build a nuclear bomb. He knew we would use it. He knew
hundreds of thousands would die because of it.

On a personal level it means that “god� knows everything you are going to do
from the moment you were born until the moment that you die. He knows every sin
you've ever committed or will ever commit. He knew about them BEFORE you
committed them. That means he knew for the moment that you were born if you
were going to be a “good� person or a “bad� person. He knew whether
you'd seek forgiveness or not. He even knew whether you'd mean it when you did it.

Because of this, it is possible for him to determine, before you even come into
existence, whether or not you are going to heaven or to hell. Therefore, it does not
really matter how you live your life, because "god" knew that you would do what ever
it is you will do. And thus, since before you were born he has been plotting your
eternal torment or planning your eternal reward. Either way, your own behavior has
little to do with it. It has all been predetermined for you since before the beginning.

Now some people over the years have faulted my logic. Well, I assure you that the
logic involved is infallible. It has been said that "god" does not influence your right to
choose. This is utter bullshit. I've read the bible. You don't think "god" influenced the
Egyptians to let the Israelites leave? Did the 7 plagues develop of their own accord?
That's fine if they did, but now you are saying that a section of the bible is untrue.
What is to say that any of it is true then?

Some have said that you still have the ability to make your own decisions. Well, you
do not have the ability to "fake out" the xtian "god." After all, how does one "put one
over" on an all-knowing being? And if you can, then he is not "all knowing" is he and
hence, by definition, can not be "god."

Xtian life is somewhat Orwellian. They possess "free will" but live and die by the
grace of an unknowable being they call "god."  This being is a sadist with out equal.
He has spent the last several thousand years dictating what his followers can not do
for fear of "divine retribution." Even the Ten Commandments, "god's" first "rules," All
begin with "THOU SHALL NOT."

It seems the only thing he allows "his" people to do is blindly worship and adore him
so that they can dare to hope of a better life after this one. Why would "god" make
the next life better? After all, he gave us this one right? This "god" even refers to his
people as a flock of sheep. He refers to his ministers as shepherds.

In the modern world, we have a term for the way "god" treats his children, and that
term is child abuse. Before you spew some mindless drivel in defense of your "lord,"
think carefully. If I told my children that they could not do something, even if that
something was something they should not do for their own safety, and threatened
them with being burned if they did not listen (the common concept of hell involves
fire, brimstone, and burning), Child Services would be at my door in mere hours. I
can almost hear all of the "good" xtians foaming at the mouth. Their "moral outrage"
seething beneath their cultured facade. Yet their creator behaves no differently and
they worship him for it.