Religious fundamentalism is a disease that plagues modern society. Usually when a
Satanist complains about "fundies,"  they are discussing the "bible thumping"
brigade. While these evangelistic assholes have a certain flare for annoying you at
the most inopportune times, they are a minor nuissance at best. (And prosecutable
when they are at their worst.) They are not; however, the irritant that I want to
address today. Personally, I find "fringe fundamentalists" the most annoying breed
of all.

Whether you consider yourself a pagan, a wiccan, or <gasp> a Satanist, you are
able to practice your religion of choice only because the "normal" religions are too
busy hating each other to bother with us. Society at large sees no redeeming quality
to what we believe. (Even though it is mainly their own self delusion which sets us
apart.) Were the christians ever able to focus their combined political clout our
way, few if any of us would survive. Remember, your right to own a gun is
constitutional too, and they debate whether you deserve that on a daily basis.

One would think that a group in such a precarious position would understand the
benefits of tolerance. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Satanists of all
creeds continually battle over which organization is on the "one true path" to
enlightenment. Like board house wives they bicker about who can count more
secrets of the universe among their sacred texts. And like angry school children,
there is no level to which they will not sink. In this fashion they are no better than
the xtians they despise. Many of them that much worse for denying others the
rights they claim as their own.

Many of these organizations have mastered art of speaking out of both sides of
their collective asses. And it is my experience that those who cry tolerance the
loudest are the most intolerant of the lot. (The old proverb, "She doth protest too
much" comes to mind.) So, next time you are perusing the doctrine of your favorite
organization, look to see how they treat those who are not members. Read
carefully what they are saying about their rivals and their friends.

Only through vigilance can we eliminate this disease from among our ranks. Please,
don't feed the trolls.