I, the undersigned,  relinquish the ownership of my immortal soul into the keeping of
Satan, the Master of Evil Demons, Commander of all Ungodly Forces and Unclean
Spirits, Inventor of the Sin, Eater of Souls, and Chief Torturer of all dead Heathens and
Damned Christians. I furthermore give to him and his subservient creatures the rights
and privileges and freedoms entitled to me by the Creator of the Universe, whose name I
flout. I understand fully that I will live as a creature of sin and an artist of villainy and
corruption in this world, and become a slave of evil in the next; property of the diabolic
in both. I shall spurn and debase all things worthy and pure, and I shall make ruin my
cause and calling. I shall indulge in joyous cruelties from the pettiest to the most
maleficent. I swear that I shall curse the names of all the angels of the host of heaven;
and with the aid of my Liege, they shall hear me and be tormented thereby. I shall
endeveor to commit all kinds of sin and crimes against the Enemy-who-yet-rules,
succeed and blacken the soul of the earth. I am a blasphemy. I am one accursed. I am
among the host of the damned.

This Pact, binds me to the Eternal Darkness that is Satan in a manner as irrevocable as
his fall into the realms of perdition. There, with my new master, I shall remain in
torment and unforgiven until the end of the world.

In return for this sacrifice and for my denial of all that is good and redeeming, I will
possess money in substantial quantities, the fulfillment of all of my lusts, and the
destruction and degradation of all that opposes my whims. I shall overcome with
blackness, succeed in monstrosity, vindicate all scorn, by breaking the Whole. In return
for the additional corruption of other people, for every one damned and dead that I am
responsible for directly, I shall have my life prolonged in health for another two years
and a day.

I fully understand the consequences of the signing of this most unholy pact; I proceed
willfully, cognizant of my coming privileges and debts. I furthermore promise to fulfill
my debt punctually and without resistance, nor will I pray nor plead for my soul in any
way, nor attempt to have others plead in my behalf. I confirm this in this covenant more
tightly knit than the bonds of life and death. May the Prince of Darkness take pleasure
in my gift and my betrayal, and use such to spread his reign further throughout the
phenomenal world by annihilating the spiritual.

Signed this 30th day of April, 2000 by
The Infernal Signatue of
Satan Mekratrig,
the Lord of Hell
Benjamin J. Schultz,
Citizen of the Infernal Empire