Anton LaVey once said, "Those who spell 'magic' with a 'k' aren't." He was right.    
Now I know I am going to get some complaints from those "practicing witches" out
there. I know you only spell it with a "k" to differentiate "real magic" from "stage
magic." Well, if David Copperfield has less "real" power than you do, why is he filthy
rich and how did he end up married to a super model? Think about that the next time
your parents let you stay up past ten. A real practicioner of the art (whether he or she
fancies themselves a witch or a warlock) is too busy working magic to worry about such
petty distinctions.

Margaret Thatcher said, "Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people
you are, you aren't." The same holds true in magic. Most people who claim to be
witches, warlocks, or mages of any sort try to impress people by making magic seem
beyond the reach of the "common man."  They talk of curses they have cast, and how
you should quake in fear at the very thought of crossing them. If you run into one of
these charlatans, just shake your head and walk away. You have nothing to fear. Let
them live in their dellusion and bask in their own ignorance. A real magus wouldn't tell
you if he or she was going to send something your way. That would take all the fun out
of it.

So what is "magic" anyway? Magic is simply a manifestation of will. Done... End of
definition... Everything involved in magic, from the circle to the ritual itself, is merely a
tool to focus the will of the caster. Nothing more and nothing less. If that definition is
too simple for you, you just might be one of the people I referred to earlier.

In my opinion, one of the greatest magicians to ever walk the earth was H.P. Lovecraft.
He created and entire mythos based around a fictious book - the Necronomicon. His
rendition was so believable, so compelling,  that people scoured the globe looking for
this mythic tome. Eventually, someone wrote it, and it has probably sold millions of
copies worldwide. There is even a group here in town who practices the rituals
described in this "powerful" grimoire... Now that's magic.

While I am on the subject of idiots and stupid beliefs, I would like to clear up a few
misconceptions about magic in general, and Satanic magic in particular.

Magic is a "supernatural" force.

Wrong. Magic is a force. There is nothing "supernatural" about it. How can there be?
Everything you encounter on this planet is part of the natural world. Even the styrofoam
containers they used to serve Big Macs in, while man made, where formed from
elements found on the periodic table. Just because it doesn't grow on a tree, doesn't
make it unnatural. Incense, daggers, chalices, and candles aren't found in the woods

Once you cast a spell, forget about it.
               If you dwell on the outcome your spell will fail.

This is complete bullshit! Magic is the first step of the journey, not a destination. It is
only a small part of a bigger puzzle. If you cast a spell to help you win the lottery, your
dumb ass had better follow through and buy a ticket, or I guarantee the spell will fail.

Likewise, if you cast a spell to "find true love," as scary as this may be, you are going
to have to break down and shower. You might even have to leave the house and go to a
place where <gasp> other people are. Otherwise... you guessed it... the spell will fail.

Anything negative you throw out into the world will come back to you three fold.

This is not so much blantantly wrong as it is deceiving. Not every spell you cast will
come back to you three fold. This is just to serve as a warning, not a hard and fast rule
carved into the corner stone of the universe.

You have to be wary of the consequences of your actions. There are people out there
who have absolutely no compuncture about using
any means at their disposal to make
you suffer for your actions. If you happen to target one of these people, three fold might
be the
best you can hope for.

Satanists sacrifice virgins.

OK, now I can only speak for myself, but, if there was a naked woman lying
spread-eagle infront of me, the last thing on my mind is where I left my knife. However,
if you are truly worried about becoming a virginal sacrifice, there is a cure... Send me a
picture and your address and maybe we can work out a deal.

"White Magic" is good;  "Black Magic" is evil.

First of all, good and evil are man made concepts. It's all a matter of perspective. Good
is simply what makes life more enjoyable for me and mine. Evil is anything that is
harmful to the same. Think about it for just a minute...

No one ever considers themselves to be "evil." Even Charles Manson, the poster boy for
"evil," thought he was doing a good deed. He was trying to stop the birth of the
"anti-christ." Osama bin Laden, thought he was doing the "right thing" when he attack
the US. And the American people thought they were doing the right thing when we
invaded Afghanistan.  I wonder what the Afghani people thought about us as we were
turning their country into the world's largest parking lot...

Second, magic doesn't have a color. Much like electricity, it just is. Your personal point
of view and how you use it determines whether it is beneficial or not. Like it or not. The
world we live in is not black and white... There are no universal absolutes.