There have been several books written about the life of Anton LaVey, his
philosophy, and the organization that he founded. With little effort can find
numerous interviews and several videos in which he appears. He captured
the attention of the American media and he held it until his death.

I am not going to waste your time going over the details of LaVey's life, nor
am I going to address the claims of his detractors. What I am going to do is
pose one very important question... What does it matter?

Anton LaVey lived a life in an environment of his own choosing. He created
for himself a persona that drew people to him like moths to a flame. He
created a philosophy that resonated with many people. And he founded an
organization that continues to flourish after his passing. It sounds to me
that he exemplified exactly what it means to be a Satanist.

I don't recall "honesty" being a Satanic virtue. Nor do I see "deception"
among the list of Satanic sins.  And the fact that these challenges, regardless
of their veracity, where only brought to light after his death, and the
obsession people still have over the evemts of his life,  stand as a testament
to his power and influence as a Satanic Warlock.

The precepts detailed in the
Satanic Bible are the corner stone of modern
Satanism. Together with the
Satanic Rituals, The Satanic Witch, The Devil's
, and Satan Speaks they form the foundation of a philosophy. That
foundation stands firm, crafted by the hands of a master. The strength of a
stone is not found in the life of a mason, nor is it found in the circumstances
of his birth. It is found in his skill. Whether he was a prince or a pauper is