Modern Satanism

Modern Satanism, as a whole, is a joke. It would appear that, in order to count
yourself among the Satanic
elite today, all one needs do is acquire some space on
the world wide web and quote Doctor LaVey. I can not count the number of web
sites I have visited containing little more than the nine statements, the nine sins,
the eleven rules, and a few choice excerpts from the Satanic Witch. And, while I
will neither disparage nor discredit the works of Anton LaVey, I should think that
there is more to Satanism & being a Satanist than twenty-nine statements and
updated version of the "Kama Sutra."

A few lines of mindless drivel on some obscure corner of the web, throw in a few
like minded morons to round out the mix, and
viola you have your very own
church. The you can indoctrinate other drones of mediocre intellect into your own
personal fan club, and get the bloated ego your gym teacher robbed you of in high
school. The "Satanic community" is like watching "Cirque de Soleil" on your
home computer. It's a giant circus, and everyone wants to be ringmaster.

Some organizations strive to bring Satanism into the mainstream. They have lofty
dreams of a time when it says "In Satan we Trust" on our money. Unfortunately,
they behave like spoiled children. The make outrageous claims and then expect
the "masses" to fall helplessly at their feet. They have "righteous" goals of making
the world safe for future satanists. They want a kinder and more peaceful world
where we can all exost in harmony. How precious?

Well, Maybe I am a cynical old bastard, but I couldn't care less about a "new
satanic world." I don't want to thrust Satanism into the main stream, and I don't
give a shit about popular misconceptions. I don't give a rat's ass if the world
becomes a happier brighter place. I am not concerned about the plight of future

What the latests batch of evolutionary rejects doesn't understand is that I am not
a Satanist. I just am. It just so happens that the way I live and the attitudes I hold
happen to be Satanic. Whether I read this newsgroup and wear a baphomet won't
change that. If I had never picked up the Satanic Bible I would still be the same

I am not looking to polish my "good guy" badge. And the only big picture I care
about involves me and my children. I only plan to be on this miserable ball of dirt
for maybe another 50 or 60 years. I just plan to enjoy every minute I have left.
To quote a very dear friend of mine, "I just want to play my guitar and have sex
with the woman I love."  If only the rest of the world had such noble goals, may
be life on this floating ball of lint would be somewhat bearable.

Instead we are bombarded by pseudo-satanic dip shits who wear their baphomets
proudly, skip around the campfire, hold hands, chant some quasi-occult mumbo
jumbo, and hope for a shiny new world. I would say it was sad if it wasn't so
pathetic. They just don't get it. They never will.

And you know what? They don't have to. I don't care. I am not here to enlighten
some prepubescent twit with dreams of world domination. I have my own plans
to think about. I have my own life to deal with. I suggest you do the same.