Before you read the "Nathanisms" let me tell you a little bit about the man behind
the sayings. Nathan is my little brother. (When I say "little," I mean "younger."
The guy has a good 3 inches and 30 pounds on me.... Of course that comes in
handy on occassion.) He seems to have an insight into life that can only come from
not being directly involved. And over the years he has graced us with some tidbits of
wisdom which often border on the profound, and even more often on the down
right funny. In homeage to him, and to share his wit with everyone else, I have
recorded some of his more memorable sayings here. I am sure I will add more...
Probably shortly after we go out drinking again...
"If you want a friend, buy a fucking dog."

In response to the infamous "let's be friends" break up.

"Now if she would get a divorce, now that would show real

Talking about the married women he was interested in.

K: What am I going to do with this second TV?
Nathan: Put it in your bedroom.
K: I don't watch TV in bed.
Nathan: I do

Talking to only single woman he's been interested in for the last three years

"So, I'm up behind this woman and I decide to pull out."

Describing the car accident he was almost in

Buddha: The guys tell me that she likes me, and I should start
dating her. But I don't think it would work.
Nathan: So don't date her. Just fool around with her for a

Explaining the joys of dating to his younger brother.