Immitation - the most sincere form of flattery
Normally I try and avoid all of the bullshit that transpires on the internet. I read the
newsgroups, particularly alt.satanism, purely for their entertainment value. I have my
little corner of the web that I can use to express my various theories and complaints,
and that is enough to make me happy. But every once in a while something happens
that I find the need to express my extreme displeasure.

Recently I was checking on the stats for this page when a funny thing happened. I
noticed that someone new was referring people to my humble virtual abode. I am
always interested to see who is linking to me, so I followed the link back to an MSN
user profile. I was dumbfounded at first. I could not find a link to my page anywhere...
As a matter of fact, the only link on this page led to this individual's "personnal Web
Page." Out of sheer curiosity I clicked the link. To my surprise, it lead to my web page...

If immitation is the most sincere formal of flattery, I guess I should be more than
flattered, but I'm not. And the more I think about it, the more angry I become. What
struck me as particularly ironic was the name this supposed individual chose for himself
- "Perfection Wanted." For some reason it struck me as funny that Mr. Perfection could
not muster up the wit or intelligence to produce anything on his own.

I don't own much in this world... my car (which has seen better days), my kids (until
they are eighteen), and this web page. And it pisses me off than some intellectual midget
out there is trying to pass my shit off as his own. Who knows, maybe he'll get the hint...
Or maybe not... Right now, I am not sure which would be more entertaining.