My take on
The "Race Card"
Anyone who has been around the "internet community" for more than a
month has heard someone spout off about their heritage. They seem to think
that by virtue of their lineage that they know more about any given subject
than anyone else. Well I, for one, do not buy into the notion of cultural

But first, let me tell you a bit about "my people." My ancestors, the only ones
that matter to me, were born in rural Wisconsin. They worked their asses off
to given their families the best life possible. Does this mean that I have some
innate understanding of the universe? No. It means I had parents and they had
parents, just like everyone else. And like all parents, they each wanted
something better for their children.

Does it matter to me if my great great grandfather fucked a gypsy lady during
the war? Do I care if I can trace my lineage back to the leaders of some
obscure cult that hid from the holy inquistion? Not one damn bit! None of
these things mean shit to me. I don't inherit some form of enlightenment
based on where my grandfather last got laid. And unless my real father is Bill
Gates, who my mother fucked is of no consequence to me.

In short, I don't give a rat's ass if your great great grandmother twice removed
the legendary Oracle of Delphi. It doesn't change the fact that you are a
freak, a nut, a waste of flesh, a kook, an authentic whack job, certifiable,
psychotic, and delusional. Try standing on your own for a change junior. Exist
on your own merits. Succeed inspite of your flaws. Roll off of your sister, take
off your Spock ears, and move out of your parent's house.

Then and only then will you get the respect that you deserve. It might not be
the respect you want, but it'll be exactly what you deserve.