What is it about a woman that will attract a man to her? Ask 10 men and I bet you'll get at least 3 or 4 different answers.
Some man will claim they are looking for an "intelligent" woman. That's "manspeak" for, "I don't want to appear to be
the superficial jack ass that I am." And, unless you work with somebody, you rarely get to know members of the
opposite sex that you are not physically attracted to. Personally, I have yet to see a lady sitting at the bar sipping a
margarita reading a copy of "The Republic" by Plato or the complete works of Shakespeare. Moreover, if I did see
something like this, I would surmise that said young woman was fishing for the same superficial jerk I mentioned earlier.

Other people place men into two basic categories - "Ass Men" and "Breast Men." And, at least on some level, most men
will agree that they fall into one of these two groups. However, I don't think that is what first attracts a man. Sure he may
look at a young lady and think "nice rack," but that is rarely a reason for conversation. No, I think the most beautiful
feature on any woman is her eyes. It's that look, you know the one I mean, that make a man drag his knuckles across the
bar room floor to buy the lady a drink. It's all about the eyes.

Some of you may not believe me, but there is a simple way to find out for yourself. When your wife or girlfriend (or
parents) aren't around, go grab a Play Boy from beneath your mattress. Open to the centerfold. She is, of course, a
stunning example of the female of the species. Now cover up her eyes. She doesn't look the same. She loses that subtle
air she had about her. And it isn't just the Play Boy centerfold. Next time you are in the checkout line at the grocery
store, cover the eyes of the "gym bunny" on the cover of the new "Glamour." The same thing happens. It works for
almost any picture of a woman. (I say almost because there are some pictures in what could be classified as "low end
porn" which do not show the models face, but even these magazines have dancing eyes on the cover to grab your

Now here is the real kicker. Women love men who want to look in her eyes. Again, to test my theory, head down to the
local strip club. Get yourself a table or lap dance and make a point of always looking in the dancers eyes. She won't
know what to do, and the next time she is on stage and you're at the rail you'll reap the rewards.

It has been said that the eyes are the gate way to the soul. That statement is never more true than when it is applied to
females of our species. A woman's emotions play across her eyes like a movie on the silver screen. And the person who
can correctly interpret the scenes will rule her heart, at least until you get into the bedroom. Once you get there you are
on your own, pal.