My take on...

In his “Pentagonal Revisionism,” Anton LeVay said the “When asked what we are ‘doing,’ here’s the
answer.” First on his list is “stratification.” I am sure you all know what stratification is, but, to be on the
safe side, I will quote the paragraph here.

                 “1. Stratification—The point on which all the others ultimately
                       rest. There can be no more myth of “equality” for all—it only
                       translates to “mediocrity” and supports the weak at the expense of
                       the strong. Water must be allowed to seek its own level without
                       interference from apologists for incompetence. No one should be
                       protected from the effects of his own stupidity. “
                       Anton LaVey, Pentagonal Revisionalism, 1988

Clearly Doctor LaVey knew that, seeing as how there was not a way to raise up the weak, in order for true
equality to exist, one must bring down the strong and place the whole of humanity of the even field of
mediocrity. If anyone has any doubts about the veracity of this statement, I encourage you to take a close
look at our school system in this country. Or read "
Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut for a particularly
keen insight.

When one chooses to advocate a true meritocracy, he or she must come to terms with the fact that they
may not be on the top of the social food chain when the dust settles. I find it astounding how many people
advocate meritocracy, and assume that they are some how automatically a member of the ruling class elite
by virtue of being on the Satanic band wagon. In a true meritocracy, however, the opposite is true. There
are no “classes.”  What religion you profess is irrelevant. Your heritage doesn’t mean shit. No one cares
where you are from or who your parents were . No one even cares what you are capable of - All that
matters is what you do...

Now I have heard it said that stratification is a goal of Satanists, more particularly, those belonging to the
Church of Satan itself. This is incorrect, as I see it. As a Satanist, I do not wake up every morning and plan
how I am going to help to stratify the world. And I further submit to you that anyone who does will not be
happy with his or her lot in life once stratification comes to be. There are many things that I do each day
and  not a damn one of these things is dependent upon where you think I fall in the grand scheme of things.
More importantly
I  do not care where I rank in this army of mediocrity either. I have more important
things to think about & do.

Stratification is not a Satanic goal; It is a by-product of the way we live our lives. And anyone who bases
their life or derives their identity and self worth from something insubstantial such as membership in an
organization or belief in an ideal, Is going to end up on the bottom of the stratification ladder regardless of
what they think they have done. Because in the race for the top, the truly elite will not win because they
aren’t racing - they are too busy living! And that my friend
IS "Lex Talionis" in the truest sense!