Victimless Crime
Legalize Victimless Crimes: In this country we have made the mistake of trying to
regulate morality. Every city has rules telling people what they can and can not do
based on an outdated concept of what is right. Let's take Prostitution, for example.

PROSTITUTION: What is prostitution? Sex between two consenting adults one of
which receives money in exchange for the act. This seems straight forward enough. But
why is it illegal? Prostitution has been called the oldest profession for a very good
reason - it is. The thought that sex in exchange for something was first made to be
morally reprehensible by the early Catholic church. The same people who brought you
the evils of masturbation, oral sex, and birth control. (Obviously, they wouldn't know a
good thing if it was sitting on their faces.) They also brought with them the joys of the
inquisition and the crusades.

In my honest opinion, prostitution ranks infinitely higher on the scale of acceptable
activities than say the spiritual extortion practice by modern churches. Funny how they
had no problem selling salvation, but your "insignificant mortal shell" is sacred. (The
sale of indulgences is well documented practice during the renaissance where you could
donate money and get note allowing you to enter heaven for those who have no clue
what I am referring to.) But I digress... That is a matter for another rant...

Today we understand that masturbation is healthy. That birth control is the alternative
to parenting. And that oral sex is not only fun, but it significantly reduces clean up time.
So why is it that we, as a society, still find sex for money so egregiously wrong? I am
not sure. Ask any married person and they will tell you that you pay for sex in one way
or another. And there is nothing wrong with that. Relationships should be built on a
principle of give and take. The relationship between a prostitute and client is no
different. If anything, it is more honest.

"The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money
usually costs a lot less."- Brendon Behan

Why should it be legal? Well, once you get beyond the moral dilemma of prostitution,
one must address the other factors people point to when creating laws restricting this
activity. People always bring up the diseases stereotypical associated with promiscuous
sex. This is a valid point; however, were prostitution legalized these problems would
cease to exist. Licensing could make monthly exams manditory. Health isurance would
also be possible.

These two points alone should be enough to convince people to change the existing
laws. But it seems that it is still not enough. that being the case, let's throw the revenue
card out onto the table.  Everyone knows SEX SELLS... And anything that sells in
America is taxed. Imagine the additional revenue that would be available for education,
social security, and defense.

The Questions I have received thus far...

Q: What do you mean when you say we pay for sex one way or another?

A: You say that likes it is a bad thing. Even in lasting relationships there are things
about your partner that you do not always like. These things are the priced you pay for
the things you do like. Hopefully the benefits out weigh the cost, but that is not always

Q: What do you say to a woman whose husband hires a prostitute?

A: Well, asking this question in the first place implies that this practice is not acceptable
to the woman, so I would tell her that there is something wrong in her marriage. The
blame needs to be placed where it belongs, and that is not on the prostitute. People
whose spouses "cheat" on them have a tendancy to absolve the spouse, and
themselves, from all responsibility. They make excuses instead of looking for answers.

In this case, the "whys" become very important. Is the spouse fulfilling some repressed
urge that you are unwilling to fulfill? Does your spouse know your feelings on the
subject? In any case, you both need to make some very difficult decisions. What is
more important to you - your own feelings or the feelings of your spouse? And how
does this affect your future relationship? No one can answer these questions for you.

Q: Doesn't this type of behavior lead to the decay of society?

A: Have you been outside lately? What is left to decay?

Realistically, those cultures in history which are ranked the greatest humanity has ever
acheived, namely the Greeks and Romans, all had many aspects of their society that
people would "frown upon" today. Prostitution is actually one of the more pleasent.