The War on Terrorism
Recently, I was asked my opinion about the potential of war on Iraq. Personally, I think
we should have done things right the first time. During Operation: Desert Storm, I was
of the opinion that, if Sadam wanted  weapons of mass destruction that badly, we
should give them to him... by the plane load... Whatever he can catch, he can have.
Fortunately for the citizens of Iraq, I wasn't controlling the button.

More than anything, the events of September 11th led me to question the intelligence of
the people who planned the attacks. They killed 3,000 people to protest US
involvement in the middle east. I wonder how that worked for them. For the first time
since World War II, the American people are united, for the most part. And they are out
for blood.

The US responded the only way it could. We attacked hard and fast. Anything less
would have left us open for more attacks. We turned Afghanistan into the world's
largest litter box, and then we turned an angry eye on the rest of the world. And I don't
think they appreciate it.

The United States is in control of the largest, most advanced, free standing military
machine in the world today. It's a big, mean dog, and someone hit it with a very big
stick. And the thought of the US taking the leash off of that dog scares a lot of people
for a good reason.

There are two things that do bother me about our declaration of war, however. First,
the hypocrisy we have practiced since September 11th. We believe that bin Laden was
responsible. We believe he was hiding in Afghanistan, so we created a parking lot for
the people of Pakistan. No problem. We asked them to turn over bin Laden. They
refused. We told them what would happen if they didn't cooperate. They still refused.
We leveled their piss ant little country. Fine.

However, in the next breath we tell Israel that they need to learn to play nice with
Arafat. What the fuck!?! This man is in charge of one of, if not the, largest terrorist
network in the world. He has been ordering people to their deaths for countless
decades. If we are going to declare war on terror, this man needs to be in our cross
hairs and soon.

And don't try and feed me that line of shit about "radical elements" in Palestinian
society "outside of his control" preforming the bombings. Even if it was true, he has at
least 20 years of suicide bombings to answer for. Deciding that he is no longer
responsible after personally pushing the button for years just doesn't cut it with me.
Sorry... Next...

Besides, what the hell does "radical elements" mean? What? Does this fringe group
actually respect women? Do they think they only get 10 virgins each when they die?
After all, you can't be too greedy. Oh wait... let me guess, they use toilet paper after
they take a shit... Fuck that!!!

The second problem I have is this notion that we "need" a coalition before we can act.
Why? Are we worried about having a shortage of English actors to play Imperial troops
in the next Star Wars movie? Have the French threatened to cut off their supply of
pretentious cocksuckers to this country? Give me a break! What is an United Nations
coaltion anyway? It is a bunch of US troops with US equipment in a foreign country
with a few British advisors drinking tea, and a token Frenchman in case we need to
surrender. (You have to give credit where credit is due... No one gives up like the

The opposition to our invasion of Iraq is about one thing - OIL... Iraq and Saudi Arabia
happen to live over some of the world's largest supplies of oil. The Saudis having the
larger of the two. The US happens to be their largest customer. The Saudis are in
danger of losing their cash cow, and they're scared shitless. They weren't so squimish
when it was their asses on the line, were they? Oh well... I am sick of paying a $1.45 a
gallon anyway. Fuck them!

As for our European friends... We could always try their approach to handling a power
mad dictator... But what would Sadam do with Poland, Belgium, Luxemburg, and a
good sized piece of France?